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Client Testimonials
Customer Testimonial of the Month
“Works wonders!!” - V. A. February, 2019
“Just what I needed, thank you” - V. February, 2019
“Pleased with item” - Toni P. February, 2019
“Item works as expected!” - LaTanya January, 2019
“Excellent” - S. C. January, 2019
“Greatest Stainless Steel Soap Bar!” - L. O. January, 2019
“No odor! This gave me... a clean smell!” - V.P. August 2016
“I want to keep chemicals off my skin. With that in mind I chose to try this. I waited for the weekend just in case it didn't work - I didn't want to put coworkers in an unpleasant position. I'm amazed at how well this worked!! The next morning I notice no odor - this is a better result after 24 hours than with using my old deodorant!!” - E.T. June 2016
“With this product, I am happy to say I am finally odor free.” - J.E. February 2016
“I was never skeptical whether it worked or not but it exceeded my expectations. I have moderate to heavy body odor and this works very well. Better than any deodorant I've ever tried.” - A. November 2015
“It actually does work! In fact, the more I use it the better it seems to get. I can see a difference in my clothing as well - no icky residue to scrub out.” - K. September 2015
“It works well at eliminating body odor” - H. August 2015
“It really did keep odors away, even after taking a long walk in hot weather.” - E.R. July 2015
“Five Stars. Quick delivery and love the product.” - A.C. June 2015
“Love this! This is my second one - I bought one to keep in my travel stuff, so I don't forget to take it with me from my shower. I no longer use antiperspirant/deodorant since I got my first one of these a couple of years ago.” - C. May 2015
“Amazing product. It really leaves you with a cleaner sensation after showering, at a level I never felt before. This product really does a great job. Besides, it's a onetime investment. As far as body odor, it has a long lasting effect. I shower in the morning using the De Odor Works, and when I get home in the afternoon I'm still smelling fine, and that's without using deodorant.” - J.E. April 2015
“I am so glad that I bought this because I feel fresh after using it and don't feel the need to use a cologne, etc.” - P.A. March 2015
“This is worth trying out, as itís been shown to do a good job if you use it as directed.” - Does it Really Work website, February 2015
“It really does work. For me, I use it while I'm taking a shower. No more deodorant for me :)” - A.R. January 2015
“De Odor Works works just like described.” - S.D. December 2014
“Works awesome!” - R.R. November 2014
“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Made a big difference on me so far. No side effects, it really works!” - E.E. October 2014
“Five Stars...Great!” - P.H. September 2014
“For years suffering with embarrassing sticky arm pits, this product truly works.” - L.L. August 2014
“I would recommend the De Odor Works bar to anyone who does not want to use antiperspirants with aluminum. Even if you just don't want to deal with the clothing residue, this is worth a try.” - K.B. July 2014
“I heard about this on Dr. Oz. I must say, this makes me feel so fresh and clean. Truly works!!” - C. June 2014
“I like the product so far....I am glad there is a product that can be used in the shower.” - T.N.C. May 2014
“My white shirts didn't turn yellow, which they always do from regular deodorants.” - E.R, April 2014
“I am allergic to most deodorants/antiperspirants and read about this product. After using it 1 month it really works. Seems to last all day.” - M.W., March 2014
“I was told about this by a friend of mine and I was very hesitant to purchase this thing. But, I went ahead and purchased the natural deodorant, and by golly it works!!! Very happy, no more chemicals absorbing into my body for deodorants!! Thank you” - S.H., February 2014
“I will say this, I got me some stinky pitsÖ and in the shower I rubbed this sucker on them under running water as advertised and BOOM no more odor! Unbelievable!” - Z.M. - January 2014
“My son's sensitive skin reacted with virtually every deodorant he tried. Most days, De Odor Works adequately controls odor without irritation. It sits in the soap dish in the shower and never has to be refilled.” - S. - December 2013
“Both my wife and I have been using this for a little less than a week and it really does work. We have used it and then exercised. While we got sweaty, -de odor- kept the odor at bay. We are buying more to give to our grown children.” - B.L. - October 2013
“I have only been using this product for three days now, but let me tell you, this has made the BIGGEST difference in my life. THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!! If you have problems with underarm odor, I promise you this is the product to buy.” - M.G. - September 2013
“I have very sensitive skin and have trouble wearing deodorants as they break me out...even the mineral/natural ones. I have a huge collection of deodorants that I've tried - you'll try anything to keep from an underarm rash. So, when this stainless steel bar came along, I was ready to try it. I do work in an office, so it's not like heavy labor sweating, but it kept me odor free all day, which included walking my dog in 80+ degree weather. I'm shocked, but extremely grateful. It pays for itself in no time as deodorants aren't cheap.” - L.B. - July 2013
“24 hours after a shower and an evening workout, there is NO odor. None. The areas on which it was used smell like a an inanimate object -- a lampshade. It is weird. Highly recommend this.” - P.R. - May 2013
“It works. I work in a warehouse and after a long day at work a shower is a must. This keeps everything in check. It lasts twice as long at least! I would recommend it to anyone.” - P.D. - March 2013
“If it works in a lab environment to catalyze the breakdown of esters and bad odors like b-mercaptoethanol in a lab environment, it definitely works for the simple everyday odors like garlic and musk.” - C.C. - Febrauary 2013
“This item has worked very well for me. I couldn't find a deodorant that will work 100% until now. I don't use any deodorant unless I know I'll be sweating a lot. I recommend.)” - A.M. - December 2012
“I just wanted to let folks know that I bought this after seeing it on the Dr. Oz show. It really does work. For me, I use it while I am taking a shower. Thirty seconds under the water isn't really that long. No more deodorant for me :)” - A.R. - November 2012
“Both my wife and I have been using this for a little less than a week and it really does work. We have used it and then exercised. While we got sweaty,*de odor* kept the odor at bay. We are buying more to give to our grown children.” - B.L. - October 2012
“I was skeptical if this would work or not. I saw Dr. Oz promote De Odor Works and since I am trying to be more chemical free, I thought I would give it a try. Make sure you rub it on your underarm for the full time (30 seconds), otherwise it does not work.” - D.B. - August 2012
“I have use a simular product called water works for about a year and it worked so well that i decided to try DE ODOR works and tada, success. i no longer use deodorant. IT'S REALLY AMAZING.” - V.H. - June 2012
“24 hours after a shower and an evening workout, there is NO odor. None. The areas on which it was used smell like a an inanimate object -- a lampshade. It is weird. Highly recommend this. The shape fits nicely in my hands.” - PAR, May 2012
“I am now Chemical free and loving it! My mother had breast cancer and of course they scare you that it is linked to the aluminum in the deodorant? You need an alternative and I have found it. Thanks so much!” - L.P. March, 2012
“I like De Odor Works and have recommended it to others. I waited awhile to send this feedback to make sure I could say it is working.” - R.P. - December, 2011
“I ordered the De Odor Works bar and I must say your product works like a charm. I can dance, work out and go to work without worrying about my under arm odor.” - D.T. - November, 2011
“I am chemical free thanks to De Odor Works! Yeah!” - A.M. - October, 2011
“I had an under arm odor problem that had ruined many expensive tops. Before I found out about De Odor Works I purchased underarm shields to protect my clothing. They are great but they donít stop my body odor. De Odor Works does. Between De Odor Works and the underarm shields I am a very happy person.

I do not understand why one would need a one year warranty for your product because it fits in the hand nicely, even small hands. De Odor Works stays easily in my hand.

I will let many people know about De Odor Works. Thank you so much for this excellent product - it is perfect.” - J.O. - September, 2011
“I am very pleased with De Odor Works. I have very sensitive skin and have always had difficulty finding deodorant that worked with my PH and did not cause skin irritation. I am so glad that I found your product!” - S.S. - August, 2011
“I have tried everything for my odor and this worked on the first try. And, it is very easy to use!” - J.E. - July, 2011
“What an amazing product! I'm very pleased and pleasantly surprised. I plan to order another.” - J.M. - June, 2011
“Having thrown away my deodorant for 30 days now, I can vouch for it actually working. I was very skeptical at first, but it couldnít be simpler to use. Priceless.” - D.B. - May, 2011
“I'm fresh, fully clean and I don't have to worry about staining my clothes. Loving it. Thanks.” - K.B. - April, 2011
“De Odor Works is the miracle find for me. It has solved my problems with odor - that's why I ordered another! Thanks!” - D.R. - March, 2011
“De Odor Works has worked very well for me. I couldn't find a deodorant that would work 100% until now. Recommended.” - A.M. - February, 2011
“To tell you the truth, I love this product and have been wishing for something like it for quite some time. . . . It works amazing! . . . And it removes odors wonderfully!” - TheSuburbanJungle.blogspot.com - January, 2011
“Amazing! The first morning I used it I ran a mile and went to work with no shower. And it still worked the second day too!” - J.M. - December, 2010
“I decided to try De Odor Works and TA-DA, success! I no longer use deodorant. Itís really amazing!” - V.H. - November, 2010
“I immediately noticed a difference after just one use. I felt like, after running around after my kids, jumping in and out of the car in this hot Texas heat, I just smelled....fresher.” - Review from Nikki Woo, The Home Guru - October, 2010
“I was a little skeptical about this product but found that it delivers just as promised. I am extremely pleased with its performance.” - L.B. - September, 2010
“After my first use I noticed a difference! Great!” - J.M. - August, 2010
“I was shocked! I did not expect the wonderful results after just one use. I have thrown my antiperspirant away!” - R.S. - July, 2010
“De Odor Works, simply put, WORKS! This unique, ingenious device stops body, groin or foot odor right at the source, using absolutely no aluminum or harsh, toxic chemicals.” - Review from TinyGreenMom.com - June 2010
“I am a 40 year old healthy women but about a year ago my under arms started to stink, I changed my deodorant, my soap, I tried everything. I found your product online and did not have much hope that it would work. You have changed my life. I love De Odor Works. Thank you! Thank you!” - R.A. - May 2010
These are actual recorded statements from people who have used De Odor Works.

"When you smell good you feel confident. That's what De Odor Works does."
- Nicole
"You have to get this amazing product."
- Alex
"I wish that it would have been invented years ago. Where has De Odor Works been all my life? And it works; that's the best part about it. I love it."
- Kaneesha
"De Odor Works worked perfectly."
- Elsa
"It works. It just works."
- Yuval
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